The endless sun will pray for long

Nazma Begum Nazu:

I owe to this endless flourish day.
A day of years-
And best of days.
A day of nations–
Endless motion–
To the sky.
The aim is also held so high.
Like this condensed African green
Happiness united
So life delighted.
A way towards endless peace-
And a peacefull promise to keep.
When all the hearts and souls are
United one–
Depth of love is praying song.
Mind is heaven, caring eyes–
No more no more will helpless cry.
Uncertain days will not–
Cross with fear,
No where will be a drop of tear.
When birds are singing, flying air
Rivers dancing, smiling moon
Evergreen peace is coming soon.
In this oldest universe
Healthy life will free of curse.
Because nations here
For human care.
Heartiest prayer is deep–
World’s peaceful promise to keep.
Its not only a day-
But a sun of morning,
Sparkling future, point of turning.
From today onward—
No cry–
No darkness–
No war or hunger for a while—
The happiest world-
Will be a floral smile.
Billions and trillions of stars
With sweetest song
The endless sun-
Will pray for long.

জাতিসংঘের প্রথম নারী কন্টিনজেন্ট কমান্ডার ও কবি নাজমা বেগম নাজু তার মায়ের

Poet: The first female contingent commander of United Nations



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