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স্নানে সিক্ত -শাহানুর আলম উজ্জ্বল ————————– কারবা ঘরের কন্যা তুমি কোথা তোমার বাস- কোন ছলনায় করলো তোমায় এমন সর্বনাশ। ও কন্যা গো তুমি কোন যে রুপের মেয়ে- স্নানে সিক্ত হলে তুমি পদ্মা নদী যেয়ে। পদ্মার জলে ভিজলো তোমার জাম বরনি কেশ- জল ধুয়েছে রুপের দেহ, লাগছে তোমায় বেশ। পানকৌড়ি পাখির …

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Research Shows Grandmothers’ Brains Benefit from Babysitting

When you’re a grandma, there aren’t many things better than spending time with your grandchildren. And, according to research, babysitting your grandchildren doesn’t just add joy to your life — it can also help keep you sharp as a tack in your golden years. Researched published in a 2014 edition …

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PPD: I couldn’t shake the feeling I was a terrible mother

Becky Vieira Bleeding. Stitches. Postpartum depression. Breast engorgement. Infections. Exhaustion. Like most new mothers I was given a list of things to be aware of after my son was born. Postpartum depression was sandwiched somewhere in the middle. I went home from the hospital with a checklist of signs in …

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SHARMIN AKTAR A handful rice, Collect from the community; Orphan, beggar hungry. A cloth existent lengthwise Weave at ancient loom; Young girl half nude. A small sacred place Leave the society; Trusted forehead bow safely. A vial of medicine, Make in ayurvedic pharmacy; Helpless about to die. A teaching of …

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