The world is stranded

 l।  Ashraf Al Deen ।।
An eloquently educated senior citizen
very fondly asked me,
not to believe The Talebans.
Then I asked him with respect:
whom do we trust, Sir?
USA? UK? India? Israel? NATO? Even Russia and China? Whom can we trust?!


The answer, from our experiences in last few decades, is very simple and straight forward: “None of them.”
Because, they are poised to eliminate whoever they think is their enemy!
They do not require any legal “cause of War”!
They will create fake cause and go for war, kill people and destroy countries!
They are truly unstoppable! Their Might is always Right!


‘This Party’ doesn’t care about the lives of the innocent people and even their own soldiers!
They care damn about bombing and destroying the habitat, civilization, houses and properties!
As opposed to ‘this party’, The Taleban is standing tall as the ‘other party’!


They are poor, weak, devoid of modern equipment and facilities, but arrogant.
They are religious fantastic and do not come to terms with ‘This Party’.
They display patriotism and ready to die smiling, like the Hamas in Gaza.
But, the ‘Other Party’, they say, do not care about women rights!
Both parties violate human rights!


‘This Party’ violates Human rights, with their enormous Might, in number of thousands,
but the world media always tend to overlook them.
The ‘Other Party’ violates them in number of hundreds or less, for example,
because their capability is limited!


But the World Media is mad about it, like the Malala case!
You don’t really care about the Malalas in Gaza, Kashmir, Xinjiang or Grozny!
Because the Media doesn’t have time to invest where This Party doesn’t have any interest.


At this point I had to ask the obvious question:
So, which party do we choose, Sir?
O World! Do you have any answer?!
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