An Egyptian girl I meet in Turkey

I am a PHD student studying Public Administration in a very highly reputed university in Turkey. I got a very nice roommate this year. This story is about her. Her name is Zaynab, she is from Egypt. She is also doing her PHD in a reputed university in Turkey in a natural science subject.

Her PHD subject is very hard as she works whole the night. However, she used to pray every half an hour after. When she prays I became amazed by seeing her prayer. It gives me great positive energy. It gives a feelings that she is really talking with her lord. It seems a living prayer.

Not only in the matter of praying, she is very careful about the rights of other people. I feel myself lucky to have a roommate like her as I have suffered a lot from roommate last year. Now-a-days, nobody disturbs during my sleep if it’s not even the sleeping time. However, only one time Zaynab used to wake me up, that time is prayer time. She likes to pray very much and always call me for prayer.

Zaynab is having her PHD on radiography, as she mentioned this is a very difficult topic to research as long as very stressful work too. However, she opens the Holy Quran whenever she feels stressful by anything.

One day, we were about to go out together for weekly shopping in local market. We were just about to be out of dormitories gate then she remembered something she have missed. She told me she missed something in room and ran with my permission to bought that thing. When she returned I saw it’s the holy Quran. During shopping sometime she was reading Quran even in market.

Zeyneb loves eating chicken very much. However she often buys readymade chicken but never forgets to divide into two. In the matter of outfit and clothes she is more than simple than simple. She have a specific dress for prayer and two or three abaya for going out and 2-3 hijab for covering head. Even she doesn’t follow any style for head covering. She simply tries to cover her head as well as chest and body.

Zeyneb likes to eat sweet things. I never saw her worried about figure though she is very fit indeed. She even doesn’t use any cosmetics to be more beautiful. About this matter she has unique concept that, every women is beautiful naturally. Cosmetics are the propaganda of capitalism.

I have never met a true and devoted Muslim girl like zeyneb and I got the opportunity to meet her in Turkey. She is a living example of true and Ideal Muslim women indeed.

Sk. Safoana Jerin( [email protected])

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