Message of doctor

Just received a message from a doctor at the university of Vienna. They studied why there is so much mortality in Italy due to Corona virus and they found that they all took Advil / ibuprofen to control fever. They say that ibuprofen is increasing the rate of multiplication of the virus. If you have fever DO NOT Advil or ibuprofen take Tylenol or paracetamol only!!!
please pass this information on to everyone in each family. I don’t want to miss anyone so share as much as you can. Or copy and paste!

I just spoke with my friend Carlie who is a nurse at VGH and they just learnt that Advil makes the virus 10x worse. Tylenol ONLY for the time being. She said Advil kickstarts the virus into pneumonia. So be careful guys 🤍🤍🤍

Mr. Kollol (USA)

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