Onyinyechi Cosmos Etu 
My dear lovely mother,
in my heart and soul
I hold you in high esteem
for your unflinching determination
to raise me up
now is my turn to reward you handsomely
when the bright cloud disappeared with pain
your doggedness as a widow
has never dwindled yet
your unwavering spirit
remained resolute and
you keep moving with faith
The labour of love
parental care and protection
you gave me is the symbol of your character
your stewardship to humanity
you heartily rendered
shall bring you closer to heaven
I sing a dirge song now
your abrupt exit from mother earth
has left a vacuum here with us
who will fill your space so we can enjoy
a fresh air of salvation
though the monster came uninvited
holding all ends of mankind
with cold hands of invasion
pointing accusing fingers on the righteous
but I know your submission is not a defeat
for you have virtuously given your best
whilst you lived as a mother.
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Writer : Poet, Nigeria
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